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Italian Organza

Italian organza
Even though organza is considered one of the “youngest” fabrics, this material has conquered the modern tissue market for a long time. Like many other materials, organza comes from the East.

Italian organza is one of the most popular and common tissues. You can buy it on our website.

The history of name

The origin of the word "organza" is ambiguous. Thus, there is a version linked to the name of the ancient city in Uzbekistan called Urgench or Urganch in Uzbek. In Europe, the fabric was taken at the end of the 18th century, while a silk factory had been operating in Urgench for a long time. The accent on the last syllable in the city name confirms this version.

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Italian lining fabric

 Italian lining fabrics
The modern range of linings impresses with its variety and versatility. Areas of use include dressmaking, accessories, curtains and drapes. For a correct choice of this fabric it is necessary to be informed about the characteristics and properties of each type, to know their description

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Italian wool

Buy italian wool fabrics

Wool is one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind. The economic situation of many countries depended on the production and sale of this unique material, characterized by very high reliability and convenience.

One of the most common types is Italian wool, which you can find in our online store, as well as buy it at a bargain price.

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Italian furniture fabrics

Buy italian furniture fabrics

During the service period, home furniture is subjected to numerous tests. They are subjected to contact with people, children's jumps, and animal scratches. As a result, this fabric is abraded and stretched. The solar radiation and the heat of radiators are another challenge for the fabric, fighting against its resistance to high temperatures. In addition, the various visits of guests and noisy celebrations can ruin the fabric with food and drink stains

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Italian satin

Buy italian silk satin fabrics

Silk is one of the most ancient fabrics known to humanity. Its production started in China long before the birth of Christ, and for many centuries the process of its creation has been kept in secret. But, thanks to a lot of tricks, the secret of this wonderful fabric came to Europe