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Italian silk

Italian silk

Silk is considered the king in the world of fabrics. Famous for its sheen and softness, combined with high strength, silk has long been used only by kings and noble people. Today this fabric is available everywhere, it is used for sewing various outfits, decorations and valuable home textiles.

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The history of silk appearance

Unlike other tissues, silk has an animal origin. Its source is the cocoons of the silkworm. Initially, silk was woven by the artisans of Ancient China thousands of years ago.

The value of this material was exceptional. The disclosure of secrecy was followed by the death penalty. But, despite all prohibitions, in 550 silk began to be produced in Europe.

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Italian Cotton

Cotton has a rather long history, being one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Products from this fabric are distinguished by their comfort and practicality.

In the modern tissue market, Italian cotton is very popular, and you can find it on our website. Here you can buy it at the best possible price.

From the history

Cotton is considered one of the oldest fibers produced by humans. The first mentions of this material are dated 12000 years ago. They were found in ancient Egypt. The first found products made of cotton were made 5000 years ago.

For household purposes, cotton was first grown in Ancient India. It was believed that the pillows of the gods were stuffed with cotton. The sleep on them promotes peace and pacification.

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Italian Linen

Italian Linen

Linen is one of the oldest materials known to mankind. Despite the widespread use of cheap cotton and synthetic fibers, materials of natural origin have not lost their uniqueness.

One of the most popular types of linen is the Italian linen, which you can buy in our online store.

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Italian crepe

"Crepe" means a set of fabrics that differ in their weaving and composition. Their difference lies in the granularity of the structure and the roughness to the touch. Thanks to the strength and elasticity of the fabric, crepe products can be used over a long period of time.

What is Crepe fabric?

The Italian crepe, which you can buy inexpensively in our store, is made of many materials. These include silk, cotton, wool and synthetic fibers. High-quality crepe has the following set of qualities:

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Italian Jacquard

One of the oldest weaving monuments are handmade tapestries. The technique of their creation has been known since ancient times. Today, jacquard has become a similar variation, and it is the fabric, on which the tapestry ornaments are reproduced in an industrial way.

One of the most widely used species is the Italian jacquard, which you can buy on our website at the best possible price.

The Jacquard history

The first loom, which produced a dense fabric that had a patterned weave of fibers, was created by the Lyons weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard. Its peculiarity consisted in changing the position of the threads in the loom by using cardboard cards with holes. The use of such cards, the number of which could reach up to a thousand, made it possible to specify a pattern that was visible on both the front side and the wrong side of the product.

For this innovation, Jacquard was rewarded by the Emperor, a monument was also dedicated to him. The invention of the machine caused a massive lack of work among the weavers of Lyon, which was the result of their uprising.

Today, the principle of the production of Italian jacquard has remained almost the same, but the cardboard papers have been replaced by computer programs.