Where can you buy printed silk fabric?

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By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 737 Views

Natural silk is one of the most expensive fabrics, but nevertheless, the demand for them has not decreased for several centuries. The main reason is a very beautiful appearance, because the material perfectly takes dye and stays bright for a long time. It is not surprising that silk is often chosen to be the basis for various prints, bringing more color and attractiveness. We are glad to invite you to our online shop to choose the best Italian silk fabrics with interesting fashionable patterns.

Benefits of silk

The main reason why silk is so expansive is the complexity of its production. It is made by silkworm caterpillars, the eggs of which are placed in a special incubator, after which they are fed with a mulberry until pupation.

Their cocoons are unwound in threads, twisting the fibers in several layers. The complex process and high cost provoked the development of synthetic silk. It really looks like a natural one, but it is extremely uncomfortable while wearing: it wrinkles, does not let air through, and is quickly electrified.

Such fabrics cause allergies and do not possess any of the advantages of natural silk, which are many:

• Pleasant to the touch;

• High strength;

• Refined gloss;

• Breathability;

• Hygiene (ticks and other parasites don’t appear in silk tissues).

How to determine a fake silk Can silk be fake? Yes, and very often. This is not about you knowing that your clothes is made of a synthetic fabric, but about unscrupulous sellers who deliberately mislead and pretend artificial material as natural.

The best way to determine that this is a fake is to set fire to the fabric. For example, after burning viscose, ash remains, while burning acetate smells like vinegar. However, it is impossible to conduct such a test when buying fabric in an online store.

Therefore, there is only one way to avoid fake which is to choose a trusted seller. We offer genuine Italian fabrics because we are located in Italy and have the opportunity to get acquainted with the product even before it is purchased.

We personally know the suppliers and fabric manufacturers with whom we have been working for several years. Therefore, we are confidently responsible for the quality of all products that are presented in our online shop.