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30 October 2019 72 Views

What is hessian fabric and why is it used for furniture upholstery and interior design?

Hessian fabric frequently recalls an image of sackcloth in people’s minds: crude, unattractive material. But hessian produced in a contemporary way resembles it only slightly. This is a high-quality, environmentally friendly material, suitable for interior design in eco-style. It is possible to purchase Italian hessian in our online shop: a premium-class fabric with a textured design, suitable for upholstery and interior decoration.

30 October 2019 50 Views

Fabrics used in upholstered furniture manufacturing and interior design

No matter how high-quality and stylish you apartment or house is after the repairmen, the interior will look fade without textiles. It is used in production of upholstered furniture, curtains, murals, and sometimes even wallpapers. Textile materials bring the comfort and coziness to the room. We invite you to our online shop to purchase authentic Italian fabrics for interior decoration.