Synthetic fabrics for summer

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Italian synthetic fabrics

It is not common anymore to think that only natural materials are the best choice and only this kind of fabrics are of the highest quality. Firstly, quality doesn’t always rely on the composition of the fabric, and in some aspects synthetics are superior to natural fabrics. Secondly, the industry is constantly developing, and modern materials are obviously different from those that were produced 20 years ago.

How to choose and where to buy synthetic fabrics?

A variety of synthetics is, on the one hand, a big plus, because you can choose the material for specific needs. But at the same time, this condition makes the selection process harder. Not all people are well versed in modern fabrics, not many can distinguish one from another, so they can buy synthetics that are low-quality and even hazardous to health.

The customer service of the Tessuti dell'Arte online shop will assist you to avoid such troubles! We are located in Italy, and have a long history of successful cooperation with fabric manufactures. We are confident in their honesty and are personally convinced of the quality of fabrics provided by our shop. If you want to check the quality, order free samples of the materials you are interested in.

It is very easy to buy Italian high-quality synthetic fabrics fabric at best  price in the UK, Canada, United States, America, France, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and any country in the world, our online store "Tessuti Dell 'Arte" will send you the fabrics to any corner of the world. In the catalog you will see many colors and design solutions Made in Italy. We have many customers from different countries and cities of the world.

What kind of fabric is Italian synthetic?

It would be incorrect to generalize characteristics of synthetic fabrics, since each of them has its own unique properties. However, they have common features. First of all, a method of production: they are made from coal, natural gas and oil processing products. During the procession, a spinning mass resulted from these substances, is cleaned, passed through additional processing and dyed at the end. After that, the mass is fed into a special vessel with small holes, where it gets cool and solid. This process forms a lot of fibers, which stand the basis for synthetic fabrics.

Advantages of Italian synthetics

Modern industry has learned to cope with the majority of the shortcomings of the synthetics of the first generations (inability to absorb moisture and warm in the cold, strong electrification, the greenhouse effect). Today, synthetic fabrics, when it comes to high quality Italian materials, have much more advantages than before. These include:

  • Crumple-resistant, it practically do not require ironing;
  • High strength;
  • Elasticity;
  • Quickly dry after washing;
  • Resistant to bad bacteria.

Types of Italian synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are usually classified depending on which product was used as the basic material. The following types of materials are distinguished:

  1. Polyamide types, such as nylons, diolen, kashmilon. They are resistant to bending and abrasion, are not afraid of low temperatures, and are not affected by bacteria.
  2. Polyurethane, which are Lycra and Spandex. They are elastic, resilient and abrasion resistant materials.
  3. Polyvinyl alcohol, which are curalon and vinol. They are not afraid of light, alkalis, acids. They provide a good hygroscopicity feature to synthetics.
  4. Polyester (lavsan). It has a good heat release, elasticity and deformation resistance.

Things made from synthetic fabrics

Raw synthetic fibers are almost not used. Usually they are added to natural canvas in one or another proportion to improve existing properties or create new ones. For example, the following combinations may occur:

  • Lycra and elastane make fabrics more elastic. They are often added to materials intended for the production of sportswear;
  • Polyester improves strength. Materials containing polyester are used to produce membrane windproof clothes;
  • Polyurethane fibers also make clothes more durable; they are often added to denim.

You can buy modern Italian synthetic materials in our online shop. According to their characteristics, they are as good as natural ones. Our Italian manufacturers ensure with the high quality of their products by their popularity among consumers.