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Fabrics for coats

The contemporary fashion uses a lot of coat fabric types, depending on the season, occasions and model. The main characteristic of the fabric for coats is the ability not to let the cold enter, and the body heat to come out. To hide yourself from freezing weather, it is important to choose the right material.

But that's not all, because a garment must be elastic, wear-resistant and do not change a size after the wash. Italian fabrics for coats have all these features. To use a coat more than a year, it is important to choose a fabric which will not lose its colour and prevent pills, which ruin its good-looking.

Coat fabric types: how to choose the best coat for your wardrobe.

Fabrics for coats contain a variety of materials, but some of them are well-known and are regarded as classic for sewing a coat. 

  • Woollen fabrics. Woollen fabrics are mostly suitable for winter coats. These materials can be both woollen and piled. A good option is gabardine, since this material retains heat well and does not wrinkle when it is used. It also perfectly suits as a material for a waistcoat.
  • Cashmere. A coat from cashmere looks rich and sophisticated. This material is lighter, so it will be ideal for an autumn outer garment.
  • Trench coat. In between-seasons it is trendy to have different outwears. Trench coat is made of a waterproof material, like cotton, gabardine, or leather. It is a very popular piece of cloth, which is reliable and stylish at the same time.

Italian fabric suppliers for coats and waistcoats

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