Fabrics for Linens

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Fabrics for bed linen

The comfort is the main requirement for fabrics used as bed linen. For bed linen, it is best to use natural fabrics that provide body comfort throughout the night. It is better to use organic cotton, which is a hypoallergenic material. It's also not static, so you can relax in peace.

Often in the production of bed linen cotton cloth is used, which can also be painted in different colors. During use it will not fade and will last more than a year.

Often the composition of bed linen sets includes the poplin. This material appeared a short time ago, but it has already managed to gain a great popularity. The linen of this material is soft and thin.

To make a bed linen look as beautiful as possible, you can use satin, which stands out for its light and polished sheen. The satin can be bleached or colored.

Sateen is used to create the most luxurious sets. All samples of this fabric have an excellent glossy effect, which is obtained in the process of weaving satin threads.