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Italian artificial leather and fur

Natural fur and leather, for the production of which animals are used, are out of fashion today: environmentalists around the world condemn the production methods and urge to switch to artificial materials. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also comfortable and practical. Fabrics bought in our online shop will help to prove it.

How to choose and where to buy artificial leather and fur?

Today’s technologies make it possible to create artificial materials that are very hard to be distinguished from natural ones. They can even surpass them in some characteristics. Since there are many raw materials from which faux fur and leather are produced, the quality may vary.

Italian artificial leather and fur are of exceptionally high quality. They are environmentally friendly, but at the same time, they look stylish and beautiful. The quality of products is guaranteed by the authority of the factories with which our shop cooperates. You can check it by your own by ordering free samples from us.

It is very easy to buy Italian high-quality artificial leather and fur fabric at best  price in the UK, Canada, United States, America, France, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and any country in the world, our online store "Tessuti Dell 'Arte" will send you the fabrics to any corner of the world. In the catalog you will see many colors and design solutions Made in Italy. We have many customers from different countries and cities of the world.

What is artificial leather and fur?

Faux fur is made from synthetic fibers. They are attached to the canvas by sewing, or with the use of special machines or glue. The pile itself can be plain or dyed, including imitation of animal fur prints.

Artificial leather consists of several layers:

  • knitted fibers;
  • non-woven fabric;
  • special impregnations;
  • polymers.

Polymers determine the varieties of artificial leather.

The advantages of Italian materials

Artificial materials have many advantages, even compared with natural ones:

  • Keep heat, pass air;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Not expensive;
  • Variety of colors and textures;
  • Suitable for production of any type of clothing.

It is obvious that only high-quality materials possess all these properties and characteristics. The accessibility of production technologies has led to the fact that artificial leather and faux fur of low quality are very common on the market. They cause allergy, skin irritation, increased sweating and unpleasant odor. Artificial materials presented in the Tessuti dell'Arte online shop don’t have these disadvantages because they are produced in respected Italian factories.

Types of faux fur and artificial leather

The classification of faux fur is based on the methods of attaching synthetic fibers to the canvas. If the threads are intertwined, then it is a woven fur. Knit fur involves knitting a pile into the loops of fabric. Faux fur can be sewn to the base, or attached with glue.

As for the artificial leather, its varieties are determined by the polymer. It can be:

  1. Microfiber is a soft and elastic material woven from thin fibers. It is moisture resistant, passes air well and looks almost the same as genuine leather.
  2. Polyurethane is frost-resistant, soft and durable material that doesn’t emit harmful substances and has no smell.
  3. Polyvinyl chloride is the most common type of artificial leather, characterized by long service life and easy maintenance. PVC is often used in furniture upholstery.

Understanding the features of these materials is not so easy. Before buying, we recommend you to advise with our managers. They will help you to choose the right material to satisfy your needs.