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Italian silk with trendy prints

The current European leader in the production of silk fabrics, of course, is Italy. Products, manufactured by Italian factories are defined by high quality, beautiful appearance and prints from fashion designers. We invite you to buy silk in the Tessuti dell'Arte online store.

How to choose and where to buy Italian silk with trendy prints?

The choice of silk is not an easy task, because modern technologies make it possible to produce synthetic fabrics that are practically indistinguishable from a true one. One of the proven ways is to set fire to a piece of tissue. Acetate, for example, will smell like vinegar, and viscose will smell like paper. But you can really check the quality if ordering online. The only solution is to contact reliable stores.

The Tessuti dell'Arte store has been operating on the market for many years, having direct contacts with all the leading Italian textile manufacturers. We are located in Italy, therefore know well all local factories and we know which of them produce really high-quality fabrics. We offer natural silk with prints in the style of Red Valentino, Gucci, Cavalli, Miu Miu, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Anna Sui, Pucci, Marras, Fausto Puglisi, Dior, Elie Saab, Caroline Herrera, Blumarine, Etro, Fausto Puglisi and other famous designers. And to ensure high quality, we invite you to order free fabric samples.
It is very easy to buy Italian high-quality silk with trendy prints fabric at best  price in the UK, Canada, United States, America, France, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and any country in the world, our online store "Tessuti Dell 'Arte" will send you the fabrics to any corner of the world. In the catalog you will see many colors and design solutions Made in Italy. We have many customers from different countries and cities of the world.

The benefits of Italian silk with stylish prints

In Italy there are several regions that can be considered as centers of silk production: the coast of Lake Como and Veneto region. Local factories adhere to traditions and produce natural silk with the help of silkworms grown in incubators. The result is a fabric with excellent properties:

  • The material is very thin, delicate and smooth;
  • Excellent tactile sensations;
  • Natural silk is elastic, does not crease;
  • Accepts body temperature, can be used in any weather;
  • Does not cause allergies, skin irritations.

In addition, it is also a very trendy material that has long and firmly won the catwalks. We follow the trends and constantly update the collection, offering you only the most relevant drawings and colors.

Types of Italian silk with fashionable prints

Varieties of silk are determined by varieties of factors: the properties of the thread produced by the silkworm, features and density of weaving. There are several types of natural silk:

  • Atlas is a soft, but dense and heavy fabric;
  • Chiffon is a transparent material, very thin, with matte finish;
  • Crepe is a good fabric for suits; it is dense, with a rough surface;
  • Silk Dupioni is a material of high density used for the manufacture of curtains.

There are much more varieties of silk fabrics, since the material is universal, allowing you to create exquisite things of high density.

What can you sew with silk fabrics with stylish prints?

Natural silk is a material that can cool down in hot weather, so it is used for sewing summer clothes: sundresses and lightweight blouses. Silk shawls are a great addition to any look. Silk suits are good for chill weather.

A variety of materials presented in the store will allow you to choose the right fabric for your needs. Contact our managers who are always ready to assist you in selecting, purchasing and shipping of fabrics, as well as advising on current fashion trends and care rules for delicate and exquisite fabrics.