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Italian ottoman fabric

Ottoman fabric (otto) is the achievement of modern textile technology. This fabric is complex in composition and may differ from one manufacturer to another. It successfully combines the properties of suit material and knitwear. The main property is elasticity combined with the ability to maintain shape. This allows you to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its merits.

Where to buy Italian ottoman fabric?

Tessuti dell'Arte store offers ottoman fabric of excellent quality. There you may find multiple types of fabrics from leading Italian manufacturers who carefully monitor the quality of their products. In order to make the right choice, you can order samples of interested fabrics. Samples are free of charge (only pay for shipping from Italy). Please, remember that high-quality fabrics do not stay in stock for a long time, so have time to make a purchase while they are available. It is very easy to buy Italian high-quality ottoman fabric at best  price in the UK, Canada, United States, America, France, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Iceland, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and any country in the world, our online store "Tessuti Dell 'Arte" will send you the fabrics to any corner of the world. In the catalog you will see many colors and design solutions Made in Italy. We have many customers from different countries and cities of the world.

What is ottoman fabric?

The composition of pure Ottoman fabric is 100% cotton. However, today this material is usually produced from mixed fibers. Synthetics (viscose and polyester in equal shares) may compose 40% and 60% of the fabric. Some manufacturers include other synthetic components in small quantities. For example, sometimes they add lycra, which gives additional elasticity.

The threads from which the fabric is woven are dyed in advance. This allows the product to maintain color and saturation longer than they are dyed after weaving. The color fastness makes the ottoman fabric suitable for printing of any complexity.

Benefits of Italian ottoman fabric

Products made from Italian ottoman fabric are very beautiful, but this is not their only advantage. There are many other good features:

  • Ability to stretch (in the case of mixed fabric) and return to its original form;
  • No tendency to fade;
  • Wear resistant;
  • Easy to iron;
  • Pleasant to the touch;
  • Fabric knitted from cotton fibers are hygroscopic and thermoregulation;
  • Ottoman with the addition of wool threads warms you up.

What to make from ottoman fabric?

The fabric can be called universal, since there are plenty of things you can make from it:

  • Women clothes (dresses, suits, jackets, trousers, etc.);
  • Clothes in office style;
  • Kids' units of wardrobe;
  • Bedspreads and curtains.

Ottoman fabric is quite unpretentious in care, but it is better to wash it by hand, dry it on a horizontal surface  (wrap it in a towel to avoid deformation). If you follow all the care rules, the Italian ottoman fabric will please you with the ability to keep in shape and maintain color for a long time.