Fabrics used in upholstered furniture manufacturing and interior design

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30 October 2019 630 Views

No matter how high-quality and stylish you apartment or house is after the repairmen, the interior will look fade without textiles. It is used in production of upholstered furniture, curtains, murals, and sometimes even wallpapers. Textile materials bring the comfort and coziness to the room. We invite you to our online shop to purchase authentic Italian fabrics for interior decoration.

Upholstered furniture fabrics

Materials used as upholstery should correspond to a number of requirements. They should not only look attractive and universal for design ideas, but also durable, dense, practical, resistant to abrasion and any kind of mechanical damages. There is no such universal material that meets all the requirements. However, the modern furniture industry uses several varieties of fabrics that are as close as possible to the perfection.

Tapestry is a durable material, the production of which requires thick threads. Tapestry almost always has a colorful pattern and often looks like a real work of art.

Jacquard is a wear-resistant textured fabric, formed by interweaving threads of different thicknesses. Thermal jacquard is a specific type of jacquard fabric, produced by applying a thermal printing on the surface of the fabric. This method of fabric processing prevents from color fading and pattern disappearance.

Velour is a soft fabric with fleecy texture, consisting of a base and a pile. Velour always keeps warm, looks expensive and can be very diverse due to the difference in length of the pile and the patterns, formed by its multidirectional comb.

Chenille is one of the most popular furniture fabrics at an affordable price. The name is translated from French as “caterpillar”, since there are several twisted threads in its texture which resembles a caterpillar.

Hessian fabric of rough weaving, with a stylish texture and pattern, resembles a chessboard thanks to the interweaving of threads.

Artificial leather is a fabric-based material which is coated with an imitation leather finish. This coating is soft, elastic, practical, easy to care for and looks status.

Fabrics for interior design

Upholstered furniture production, as well as other decorations of the room, is not without textiles. It is the fabrics that become a final touch, which can absolutely change the whole design. For example, a pair of bright pillows on a sofa is enough to create bright visual accents in the room.

Many types of fabrics are used for interior decoration, including natural and artificial. The first one includes silk, wool, cotton and linen. These are eco-friendly materials that can make the interior elegant or simple, close to a country style.

Natural fabrics are very beautiful, but not long lasting, so you can give preference to synthetic or mixed ones, which consist of artificial fibers. Tapestry, velour, hessian fabric and many other synthetic materials look very appealing, no worse than any of natural fabric.

Textiles are used to decorate windows, create draperies, decorate pillowcases, wall panels and table linen. In our shop you will find a large selection of high-quality Italian fabrics, with the help of which any room can be transformed and become more refined, presentable and of impeccable taste.