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6 December 2018 2310 Views

What are the most famous Italian fabrics?

italian fabrics for siuts

Italian fabrics are very appreciated all over the world thanks to their numerous advantages, verified by years of use. If you have already used the Italian production fabrics in your work, then you know that these materials not only differ in their excellent appearance, but adapt perfectly to the body. The combination of style and functionality confirmed over the years is what distinguishes an Italian material from any other. At least once it's worth seeing Italian fabrics in person, and then you will not be able to use the others anymore

29 November 2018 697 Views

Where to find wholesale fabrics?

italian high quality cotton fabrics
Italy is a country known for its unique lifestyle. Since clothing is a way of expressing people, Italians are real experts in this field. The most important component are the exclusive fabrics that are produced in Italy. For Italian designers, the field of activity is not limited to fabrics, because the assortment of materials is impressive. You can create any idea by choosing a unique fabric that will not have equals all over the world

22 November 2018 967 Views

Where to find the wholesale stores of Italian fabrics

fashion fabrics

If you are a sewing professional or have a fabric shop, then you would like to choose only the best materials. Experts will agree that high-quality fabrics are the basis of the best fashion looks

By 20 September 2018 1082 Views

Italian wool

Buy italian wool fabrics

Wool is one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind. The economic situation of many countries depended on the production and sale of this unique material, characterized by very high reliability and convenience.

One of the most common types is Italian wool, which you can find in our online store, as well as buy it at a bargain price.