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By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 561 Views

Spring/Summer Fashion Print Trends

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In spring and summer, when not only nature blossoms, but also a desire to enjoy every day awakes, it is impossible to imagine this time without clothes with prints. A plain piece of clothes is, of course, an ageless classic, but with the arrival of warmth everyone wants something bright and even frivolous. Designers also catch these moods, offering new collections including bright patterns.

By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 633 Views

Fashion silk prints to sew dresses, blouses and summer clothes

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Silk is a universal material. It is able to keep a body temperature on the comfortable level in any weather. At the same time it looks amazing. It is smooth, even, with a refined tint. Another benefit of silk is the ability to be dyed, conveying the depth of any shade.