Fashion silk prints to sew dresses, blouses and summer clothes

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By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 634 Views

Silk is a universal material. It is able to keep a body temperature on the comfortable level in any weather. At the same time it looks amazing. It is smooth, even, with a refined tint. Another benefit of silk is the ability to be dyed, conveying the depth of any shade. It is very often used for tailoring fashionable exquisite clothes. You can buy high-quality Italian silk, decorated with prints from fashionable eminent designers in our online-shop.

Silk blouses

Silk blouses will help to create any look: a business woman in the morning and a romantic young lady in the evening. In this case, it all depends on the style and prints.

These are the latest fashion trends:

• Blouses with lantern sleeves. For example, sleeves in the Victorian style with a bow, or more cheeky in "cowboy" style;

• Ruffles and shuttlecocks sleeves are a symbol of romantic look that modern designers willingly use in their collections;

• Blouses with shirtsleeves. Additionally to plain and white blouses, colored one containing prints are very popular;

• Lace outfits, including decoration of different patterns. The contrast in the outfit works the best: for example, the combination of plain lace and a printed base;

• Models in retro style with charming dots, bows and other accessories from 1970s. It is important to select the appropriate print for each of the listed models. The variety of silk Italian fabrics is huge, therefore the choice of the right color for your piece of clothes won’t be difficult.

Silk dresses

For a long time, it was believed that a silk dress is an exclusively outfit designed for special occasions. But modern fashion ruins stereotypes. High-quality silk can be used for everyday models designed for study, work or party.

For example, silk is perfect for flared clothes. The hem gently falls, does not ridge, follows the movements and does not put extra volume to the hips. Another use of silk is for sewing fashionable dresses is Greek-style with numerous draperies and pleats.

For such models, a fabric with abstract prints that follow the movements will be a great solution. Another fashion trend is the Asian style. Many designers presented silk shirt dresses with deep wrapovers on the catwalks. They partially imitate kimonos, and use silk as the best option for such models, because initially kimonos were made only from silk.

The dyeing should also be appropriate, especially since the Asian motifs in prints are more relevant today than ever. But for special occasions, it is better to put on maxi dresses. They will flow and shine, especially if you choose a right print. For example, large flowers on a contrasting background to create a fatal look.

Other things

Today, silk is so widely used that even the most simple and everyday things are made from it. For example, one of the fashion trends is a silk T-shirt, which is considered as a basic wardrobe item suitable for creating a variety of looks. They emphasize the dignity of the figure, and will change the look with the right choice of print.

Another summer trend is silk sundresses. The most popular model is flowing fabric with thin straps and basic cut, but including an interesting and rich pattern. These sundresses perfectly match with simple sandals or flat sandals.

Asymmetric dresses with shawl patterns are suitable for exotic resorts. You can make such dress from silk shawls. It can’t be that easy, but designers offer fabrics with multiple shawl colors. Sundress with animal and floral prints is especially trendy, symbolizing youth, freshness and joy of life.