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30 October 2019 1446 Views

Chenille for furniture upholstery and interior design

Chenille is widely used for interior decoration, as it has a very attractive appearance, with a variety of patterns and color shades, and looks aesthetically pleasant. We offer chenille of Italian production, which is not only beautiful, but also a very high-quality material for furniture upholstery and room design.

30 October 2019 1379 Views

Flock for furniture upholstery and interior design

Flocking is a process in which a chemically treated pile is applied to the surface. The fabric resulting from this process is called flock. It is widely used in interior decoration and upholstery. We offer to buy genuine Italian flock of premium quality from our online shop. This fabric will make your interior design classy and sophisticated.

30 October 2019 998 Views

Velour for furniture upholstery and interior design

Velour is a very popular fabric used for upholstery. It is highly appreciated for its soft texture, pleasant tactile sensations, and shimmering appearance. We invite you to our online shop of Italian fabrics to buy high-quality velour, designed for furniture and interior elements.

30 October 2019 655 Views

Fabrics used in upholstered furniture manufacturing and interior design

Buy online upholestery furniture fabrics

No matter how high-quality and stylish you apartment or house is after the repairmen, the interior will look fade without textiles. It is used in production of upholstered furniture, curtains, murals, and sometimes even wallpapers. Textile materials bring the comfort and coziness to the room. We invite you to our online shop to purchase authentic Italian fabrics for interior decoration.