Italian high quality silk

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By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 1019 Views

China has been, for a long time, the leader of manufacturing of the most luxurious materials, where, in fact, silk appeared. However, today many European manufacturers, and first of all, Italian, are not far behind. We invite you to purchase in bulk high-quality Italian silk in our online shop.

History of silk production in Italy

It is well known that silkworm cocoon was first obtained in China. The secret of its production was carefully guarded, but still leaked out of the country: first to Japan, then to India, and from there to Europe.

The first Europeans who learned how to produce silk were the Greeks, then the Romans mastered its production, and after the fall of the Roman Empire, Constantinople became the center of European silk production. The prelates of the Catholic Church wore silk clothes.

After some time, the aristocrats began to sew clothes from the expensive fabric. The first silk factory in Italy was built in Turin. Then Venice and Milan became the centers of silk production. Today, about 100 enterprises are engaged in the production of silk in the Veneto region. The government aims to increase their number to 1000 over the next decade.

The status of the "silk capital" of Italy is rightfully given to the region on the shores of Lake Como. Local factories use special wooden boards to apply patterns of natural dyes to the fabric. The obtained patterns don’t fade and remain bright and fresh over the time. Due to this unique way of manufacturing, the silk from the shores of Lake Como has become popular throughout the world.

The success of the Italian masters partly connected with the fact that a lot of mulberry trees succumbed due to environmental pollution in China. In addition, Italian fabrics are distinguished by excellent quality and compliance with fashion trends set by local designers.

Varieties of Italian silk

All silk fabrics are characterized by softness, smoothness, and a bit of gloss. At the same time, they differ from each other, and these differences are determined by the conditions in which the caterpillars are grown, quality of leaves they ate, and the features of the weaves.

These are the best known silk fabrics:

Atlas is a dense, shiny and smooth fabric. It is also soft and perfectly matches for draperies creation.

Toile. The plain weave used for its creation, due to which it keeps its shape well. It is used for the manufacture of linings and ties.

Crepe is a rough material with a slight sheen. Tight enough, it is mainly used for tailoring suits and dresses.

Chiffon is a thin transparent fabric, matte and slightly rough. It is usually used for tailoring evening dresses and elegant blouses.

Organza is a transparent, fairly stiff material used for decorative finishes.

Silk Dupioni is a very dense fabric, which is used in curtains manufacturing. This is not all fabrics that can be made from silk threads. What unites them is that they are of very high quality and exquisite appearance.

Benefits of Italian silk

Natural fabric is rather capricious, difficult to work with, but at the same time possessing benefits thanks to which it is so appreciated all over the world:

• delicate, pleasant to the touch;

• elastic, wrinkle-resistant (unlike artificial silk);

• unelectrified; • possesses hygroscopicity, does not absorb moisture;

• keeps body temperature, so you feel comfortable in such clothes in any weather;

• allows air to pass through. It is interesting that silk also has healing properties, since it contains only natural ingredients.

For example, it can relieve pain in diseases of the joints, help with colds, and strengthen the immune system. It is not surprising that this beneficial and expensive often becomes an object of fakes. In order not to become a victim of scammers, buy Italian silk only from reliable sellers who have established contacts with manufacturers. All this can be said with confidence about our online shop.