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30 October 2019 331 Views

What is hessian fabric and why is it used for furniture upholstery and interior design?

Hessian fabric frequently recalls an image of sackcloth in people’s minds: crude, unattractive material. But hessian produced in a contemporary way resembles it only slightly. This is a high-quality, environmentally friendly material, suitable for interior design in eco-style. It is possible to purchase Italian hessian in our online shop: a premium-class fabric with a textured design, suitable for upholstery and interior decoration.

28 October 2019 243 Views

Types of furniture fabrics

The appearance of your furniture depends primarily on which fabric you choose to upholster it. That’s why furniture fabrics should not only be attractive in appearance, but also practical, not subject to mechanical attacks, and should not discolor in sunlight. Our shop offers a large selection of furniture fabrics. This brief overview is designed to help you make the right choice.

By 20 September 2018 333 Views

Italian furniture fabrics

During the service period, home furniture is subjected to numerous tests. They are subjected to contact with people, children's jumps, and animal scratches. As a result, this fabric is abraded and stretched. The solar radiation and the heat of radiators are another challenge for the fabric, fighting against its resistance to high temperatures. In addition, the various visits of guests and noisy celebrations can ruin the fabric with food and drink stains.

Therefore, the selection of the right furniture fabric is of great importance. This aspect should not be neglected. In this case, Italian furniture fabrics will help you, which are possible to buy in our online store, with a wide range of this material.

The selection criteria of the furniture fabric

When choosing a fabric for furniture, you need to consider such aspects as design, comfort and durability. The design of Italian furniture fabrics should be chosen so that it integrates seamlessly into the interior of the room. Here, the main role is played by the color scheme and style. Comfort means pleasantness to the touch, softness, smoothness and velvety. As for durability, it is necessary that the furniture fabric for a long time retains a presentable appearance, without losing its performance characteristics. It is determined on the following parameters: the composition of the fibers, the resistance to dyes, the technologies used in production, additional processing by special means.