Italian furniture fabrics

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By 20 September 2018 858 Views

During the service period, home furniture is subjected to numerous tests. They are subjected to contact with people, children's jumps, and animal scratches. As a result, this fabric is abraded and stretched. The solar radiation and the heat of radiators are another challenge for the fabric, fighting against its resistance to high temperatures. In addition, the various visits of guests and noisy celebrations can ruin the fabric with food and drink stains.

Therefore, the selection of the right furniture fabric is of great importance. This aspect should not be neglected. In this case, Italian furniture fabrics will help you, which are possible to buy in our online store, with a wide range of this material.

The selection criteria of the furniture fabric

When choosing a fabric for furniture, you need to consider such aspects as design, comfort and durability. The design of Italian furniture fabrics should be chosen so that it integrates seamlessly into the interior of the room. Here, the main role is played by the color scheme and style. Comfort means pleasantness to the touch, softness, smoothness and velvety. As for durability, it is necessary that the furniture fabric for a long time retains a presentable appearance, without losing its performance characteristics. It is determined on the following parameters: the composition of the fibers, the resistance to dyes, the technologies used in production, additional processing by special means.

The quality criteria of Italian furniture fabrics include the following:

  • Composition - often, these are materials of natural and synthetic origin, as well as their combinations. When choosing a fabric, it is necessary to consider the advantages and downsides of each type
  • Visual design - the appropriate fabric must be in harmony with the design of the room. Ideally, it should match the pattern on wallpaper, curtains or other furniture
  • Density and type of fabric - quite simple and interwoven fabrics are used in the production of upholstery fabric. It is known that the safest fabric is the densest one
  • Resistance to abrasion is checked with a special test. The normal indicator is from 20,000 cycles
  • Wear resistance - this term means the resistance of the fabric to compressions, stretching, friction, the influence of temperature and atmospheric phenomena.
  • Color fastness - the resistance of the fabric to burning and washing

How to choose the Italian furniture fabric?

The choice of fabric directly depends on the room in which the selected furniture will be located. The living room is suitable with leather or fabric, with a clear pattern. For the kitchen, an excellent choice will be artificial leather, since it is considered easy to maintain and does not absorb odors. In the children's room, we advise you to choose a flock or chenille. These types of Italian upholstery fabric are quite cheap and dirt resistant. In the case of the presence of animals, it is important to choose a fabric, which will be difficult to scratch.

For office, an excellent option will be artificial or genuine leather. If you are a smoker you must choose a material that does not absorb bad smells. These types include chenille and leather.

Where can I buy Italian furniture fabrics?

You will find a wide range of furniture fabrics on our site. The available offers help you to find the desired product. Our liberal pricing policy will allow you to purchase the material on very advantageous terms.