Italian jeans fabrics

Today, in the wardrobe of every person you can find denim products. It is surprising, because more than a century denim clothing was considered the lot of laborers. Here you can find Italian jeans of exceptionally high quality, as well as purchase it at the best possible price.

The history of jeans

The origin of this material comes from 1873, when the American entrepreneurs Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a patent for the tailoring of work clothes, equipped with copper fittings. It was made of fabric, which was used for sewing sails of ships. This fabric was fabricated in the French city of Nimes, which gave rise to the second name of this material - «denim». The only criterion by which this material was chosen for tailoring is its exceptional strength.

Surprisingly, but the original color of jeans, which you can buy in our store, was not blue, but brown. Some time later, jeans products began to stain with indigo, which has a rich blue color. Recently, people have started to use an irregular cotton fabric, which gives the possibility to create horizontal and vertical lines in the design of the material.