Spring/Summer Fashion Print Trends

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By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 413 Views

In spring and summer, when not only nature blossoms, but also a desire to enjoy every day awakes, it is impossible to imagine this time without clothes with prints. A plain piece of clothes is, of course, an ageless classic, but with the arrival of warmth everyone wants something bright and even frivolous. Designers also catch these moods, offering new collections including bright patterns. The most relevant are always available in our Italian fabric shop.


It is difficult to imagine summer without floral motifs. It is not surprising that all kinds of buds, petals, leaves conquered the catwalks. You can see miniature flowers and, at the same time, large roses in new collections that look both defiant and feminine. For example, pay attention to the Blumarine collection where there is a combination of roses, hydrangea and strawberries.

Another example is pale pink, airy models from REDValentino with subtle floral motifs.

However, many designers are moving away from the traditional pastel background and are not afraid to use contrasting combinations. Just like Antonio Marras, who offers motifs of ethnic painting in combination with modern trends, presenting colorful clothes with floral prints.

Elie Saab, specializing in evening dresses, who brought a flower placer on a saturated black background to the catwalk.

Oriental ornaments

Today, oriental drawing is practically a must-have. Its advantages are very wide: it brings mystery, colors and summer brightness to the look. Intricate patterns and floral elements in Asian style frequently appear on evening dresses, spectacular kimonos and fancy blouses. Such clothes usually include bright shades and unusual color combinations.

The most recognizable pattern is paisley, or "oriental cucumber," in the form of a drop consisting of several repeating elements. This season, many designers brought oriental motifs to the podium. A vivid example is Etro brand, which generally has a philosophy of travel and attention to various cultures. Many of the brand's models are designed in oriental style, mixed with Mediterranean colors.

Polka dots

Not a new, rather neat, restrained and at the same time very cute print, which can be used for both business style and very frivolous and casual one. Another advantage is that it suits to women of any age and type of figure. It’s become highly trendy to combine in one model dots of different color and size. It is really important to remember that large dots visually enlarge your figure. Therefore the best choice is medium-sized polka dots pattern.

Stripe pattern

Along with dots, another classic trend is not losing ground. Stripe acquires different widths, colors and directions. Stripe is not only a fashionable print, but also an opportunity to correct a figure and hide imperfections. It is known, for example, that vertical lines visually stretch a figure, but horizontal ones are better for slender ladies, because they will help to make thin places of the figure more appealing. In the collections of spring/summer 2020, stripes are presented, for example, in Cavalli, varying in width, direction and color.

Check pattern

Another well-known pattern, beloved by many people, is check. It can be plain (like in Michael Kors collection, using gray and white colors) or colorful (Oscar de la Renta has models with checks of different width). Combination of colors looks very interesting, both bright and pastel, as well as the variability of the width of the checks. When choosing a tissue, remember that a large check visually enlarges the look, especially if it is contrasting.


Initially, you tied and dyed a fabric to obtain this pattern, resulting in unusual, intricate, abstract prints. Hippies were very fond of them in the 1970s, and today the fashion for unusual coloring is returning again. This season, models in the style of Tie-Dye were offered by Esteban Cortazar, Chanel, Lemaire and many other designers. Therefore, for those who want to look fashionable and relevant, we recommend purchasing silk fabrics with this print for sewing modern stylish dresses and blouses.

Shawl patterns

Outfits with such print resemble a scarf thrown over the shoulders and look very gentle and elegant, but at the same time creative and unique. Moreover, clothes with a similar pattern can be the most diverse: blouses, dresses, tunics, tops, skirts. This pattern made Dolce & Gabbana relevant again. One of the benefits of drawing is the ability to combine with different things, including the simplest ones (for example, jeans). It will make the look unusual, deprived of simplicity.

Animal print

There was a period when designers practically refused to use imitation of animal skins, but today animal prints are again at the peak of popularity. Prints of leopard, python, or tiger, all these drawings are relevant in the coming season. But designers decided indeed to move away from the classic image of natural motifs and diversify the print with their own vision, adding colors and non-standard solutions. For example, offered a “zebra” print which at the same time resembles vines of tropical plants. Cavalli brought to the podium an imitation of giraffe skin, changing its usual colors to a deep gray-blue. All these fabrics, like many others, are in our assortment. Our shop stays trendy!