Italian satin

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Silk is one of the most ancient fabrics known to humanity. Its production started in China long before the birth of Christ, and for many centuries the process of its creation has been kept in secret. But, thanks to a lot of tricks, the secret of this wonderful fabric came to Europe.

There are a huge number of species of this fabric that amaze with their beauty and softness. One of the most famous silks is Italian satin silk, which you can buy in our store. Satin fabrics amaze with their splendor. They create a magical atmosphere of the holiday, raising the mood. This type of silk is very fashionable and recognizable.

How did we get satin silk?

An incredible interweaving of silk threads, which justify the high cost and beauty of the fabrics, was invented by Chinese artisanal weaving craftsmen more than two thousand years ago. The spread of manufacturing silk secret was punishable by death. This shining fabric was delivered to Europe only along the Great Silk Road and decorated palaces of kings and nobles.

In our region, satin silk became known in the 15th century. Already in the 18th century, close person of Catherine II began to wear silk. With the development of manufacturing technologies for this material, it could be found as ribbons of different colors adorning the hats of urban fashionistas, intertwining in the braids of village girls.

Why is the atlas so expressive?

Italian satin strikes with its exceptional smoothness and radiance. The smoothness of the fabric is due to the special weaving of the threads, the so-called "satin". With this method, most of the basic yarns are on the front side, into which the weft threads are introduced as an imperceptible addition. Thus, one-sided fabric comes out, which has a shiny front side, as well as a matte rough underside.

A distinctive property of the weaving is the fact that fabrics that do not lose their decorativeness are cheaper in production. In such variations, silk threads are used as a base, and as threads of a weft are used cotton or synthetic threads.

The modern technology of satin silk manufacturing, which you can buy inexpensively in our store, involves the use of two sets of basic yarns, between which the weft mechanism is situated. This modification makes it possible to produce a satin that will be equally astonishing both from the face and from the wrong side.

Advantages of Italian satin

A luxurious, brilliant Italian satin has many advantages. These include the following:

  • Exceptional strength, which is justified by the high density of main threads laying
  • Duration of use - with proper care this type of silk retains its brilliance and solemn appearance for a long time.
  • Hygroscopic - satin silk can absorb moisture. Products from satin "breathe" and are incredibly comfortable in everyday life
  • Hypoallergenic - satin does not accumulate dust, and does not cause allergies
  • Lack of transparency – an excellent option will be the purchase of curtains from the Italian satin, which can perfectly darken the room. In addition, they are an excellent decorative background
  • Positive effect on the body – This type of silk makes the skin velvety, smooth and resilient. Therefore, an excellent idea is to buy bed linen from the Italian satin
  • It is not predisposed to the electricity accumulation - satin silk will never "spark"
Where can I buy Italian satin?

Visit our online store and check out the wide selection of Italian satin silk.  The presented range of offers will help you quickly find the right product. A liberal pricing policy can satisfy even the most demanding client.