Where you should buy fabrics in Europe?

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12 November 2018 1100 Views

People engaged in sewing for many years or the owners of fabric stores carefully select the most convenient places to buy fabrics. Often these people are interested not only the best quality but also the price. For this, professionals analyze the assortment of different factories, and there is no need for manufacturers to be in the same country.

France and Italy are the two most famous countries for fashion trends. In France, it is really possible to buy quality fabrics. But it is a known fact that French designers often use Italian fabrics to create haute couture looks.

The Italian fabrics that for many years of extensive use have managed to gain a great recognition all over the world. If you have already worked with these fabrics, or you want to see a high-quality material personally, then you will need to find a place where you can buy Italian fabrics with a guarantee of authenticity.

Why is it worth choosing Italian fabrics?

European fabric production centers are present in all countries. But if we talk about those that deserve your attention, then Italy will be the number one on this list. Attention must be paid not only to the exclusive collections that appear regularly on the Milan catwalks, but also to the materials used to make them. In this field, Italian designers are used to rely on the materials produced in their country. Above all because it is impossible to doubt the quality of these fabrics.

To produce the best fabrics in the world, Italian factories use not only raw materials with recognized qualities, but also innovative working methods. With their help, even a normal silk stops looking like an insignificant fabric. The use of innovative equipment and the continuous improvement of the working methods allows to create true masterpieces of fabrics that have no analogues all over the world. Looking at an elegant and unfolded silk, it makes you think that there is no need to sew something, because this material is already beautiful as it is.

In the assortment of Italian fabrics, you can find a variety of materials for sewing shirts, coats, swimsuits and much more. f you like to create things for home, for example, curtains or tablecloths, then choosing this material, you will be sure that the products created will last more than a year, while maintaining an excellent appearance.

In the catalog of Italian fabrics, you will also find the highest quality materials for the creation of accessories. You can create a fur collar or a leather bag made of natural material, so the appearance of such a thing will remain unsurpassed.

Quality tested over time

Some countries of the world, inspired by Italy's success in the production of high-class fabrics, decided to enter this sector. For example, China has learned to produce aesthetically similar materials to the best samples of Italian fabrics. But as far as quality is concerned, the difference is immediately evident. Clothes made of low quality materials are not comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it quickly loses its appearance and functionality. A similar thing will never happen to you if you choose Italian fabrics. Although the cost of a roll is higher than that of a similar Chinese-made material, professionals will advise you to pay more, but get a high-quality material.

If you could see Italian clothes from local production, for example in Milan or Bologna, then you can make sure personally how the clothes maintain their original shape. Its appearance corresponds to the perfect softness and smoothness. The silk shawls made of 100% natural material will give special prominence to the most everyday look. On the other hand, woolen clothes of Italian production are appreciated all over the world, as they are made with a thin material, which, keeping the heat, is able to remain very light.

Also, the sphere of production of artificial fabrics has become very developed in Italy. This applies to viscose and mixed fabrics. Thanks to the latest developments, Italians can make the properties of artificial fabrics as close as possible to natural materials, so that both types of fabric are equally durable and of high quality.

The Italian factories constantly offer to the fans of high quality fabrics different novelties, for example a very fine and waterproof wool. The material is breathable and offers a safe protection from moisture.

Where to buy fabrics in a simpler, more comfortable and faster way?

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