What kind of upholstery fabric is jacquard?

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28 October 2019 701 Views

One of the most sophisticated fabrics used for upholstery is jacquard. It got its name in honor of the Lyon weaver, who invented the machine for production of embossed material. It was this embossed material, including variety of patterns and shades, due to which jacquard is rightfully considered to be a noble and luxurious fabric. Our shop consist a variety of authentic Italian jacquard of high quality and impeccable style.

Properties of fabric

This fabric is woven with a great quantity of threads, which helps to obtain a relief pattern. The same feature causes a high cost of jacquard, but this price is fully justified: the material is rightfully luxurious. It consists of natural and synthetic fibers, but you can mostly find mixed fabric in the furniture industry, because it is very dense and is treated with special impregnation to increase wear resistance.

Jacquard’s distinguished feature is a relief pattern of bright and saturated colors. Threads can be pre-dyed or a finished fabric is covered by a drawing, after which it is painted with the addition of special impregnations that enhance the durability of the paints.

Advantages and care guide

Upholstered jacquard furniture looks expensive and aristocratic. The material is famous not only for aesthetic characteristics, but also for practical use: it does not loose its properties for years, nor wears out. That’s why it can be used for parts which require a permanent cleaning, like armrests. It is attractive for buyers for a large selection of ornaments and colors, the opportunity to choose upholstery for any interior style, in any color. It has perhaps the only drawback – it is quite expansive, because of the complexity of production.

Despite the aristocratic appearance, the jacquard isn’t very demanding and is easy to care for. There are several rules to maintain bright and luxury appearance of the fabric:

• Wash with ordinary washing powder; water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees.

• If a cover cannot be removed, the upholstery should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or soap washing using wet sponge.

• Do not clean fabrics with acetone or bleach.

• Use open air drying, avoiding direct sunlight.

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