Trendy fabrics and novelties in the Fall-Winter collections

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28 October 2019 681 Views

If you want to feel that you look fashionable and up-to-date, you should not follow fashion trends blindly. The right choice of fabric is a very important, or even the most important thing, because it is the texture of the material that gives a thing its look and style. Our shop offers the most fashionable Italian fabrics to create unique outfits.

Trendy fabrics and novelties in the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collections

Dyed leather holds a leading position on the catwalks for several years and, apparently, is not going to give up. Previously, designers experimented mainly with cuts, but today their passion is the color. Any shades are allowed, exception only black, which had its day in the Matrix.

Quilted fabric is back in fashion again. Coats, which seem like they are made from blankets, but they don’t look ridiculous. Instead, it is very stylish and again on the catwalks. Moreover, it can be not only a coat, but also wadded jackets, which remotely remind of quilted jackets, as well as elongated vests and trapezoid skirts.

Tweed was once one of the symbols of the CHANEL fashion. At one time, Coco received a lot of criticism for her love for tweed, but these reproaches remained in the past, and the heavy woolen fabric is again in trends. And it’s not necessary to figure out how to fit tweed thing into the modern trends, even classic tweed suits are popular, which, together with modern accessories, do not look old-fashioned at all. Another option is tweed with the addition of silk thread, which does not require additional embellishments.

Atlas is another attempt to go back to past, but in a contemporary interpretation. Now designers prefer to design a thing made totally in atlas, but also to combine it with rough textures, like with leather or coarse knit fabrics. However, if we are talking about a gown or an office blouse, it is better to use classic atlas without bold combinations.

Among trending colors you can find white, but only not for Russian autumn and winter as it is not very suitable. Better choose pearl tones and light gray. The military style has returned, so you will definitely look trendy with camouflage prints. The leading role of this season is the variety of blue: from azure to sapphire. However, more calm and natural colors do not give up. In particular, you could see all shades of brown during the fall 2019 catwalks: from the color remaining autumn foliage to cappuccino.

The collection of fabrics from our online shop is constantly updating. We are ready to offer both classic options and the latest trends, for those who want to stay in fashion as long as possible. The main thing that unites all our products is high and genuine Italian quality.