Italian viscose

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By Lu 13 September 2018 832 Views

Viscose is the fabric, the creation of which took almost three hundred years. This material is simultaneously similar to silk, linen and wool.

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The history of the creation of viscose

The year of the beginning of the attempts to create this fabric is considered 1664, when a resident of Great Britain Robert Hook attempted to obtain silk-like fibers. Like many others, this experiment failed, until 1855. This year another Englander, George Audemars received a thread by immersing a needle in a mixture of rubber and sticky pulp of bark of trees. But the discovery did not get a practical use because of the difficulties in its production.

In 1884, the Frenchman Guillier de Chardonnay invented a new technology for obtaining viscose. But even this method was unsuccessful, because the material ignited rapidly.

Finally, scientists undertook the task: already in 1891, British chemical scientists Charles Cross, Edward Bevan and Clayton Biddle managed to perfect the creation of viscose. They invented xanthogenesis, in which the fibers are formed from a special solution.

The source of the production of Italian viscose is wood pulp. First, the wood is crushed, and then boiled in an alkaline solution to form a pulp. The resulting mass is subject to bleaching and pressing, after which it is sent to the mills to produce fiber.

Properties of the fabric

Features of viscose include exceptional softness and pleasantness to the touch. In addition, this material can be collected in beautiful folds. Viscose can give a nice gleam, typical for silk. The fabric is also hygroscopic, and can be painted in a variety of colors. Viscose cannot accumulate on its surface electric current, so the fabric is not electrified. Also, the advantage of viscose is its naturalness, ease of recycling and high environmental friendliness of the material. The fabric is hypoallergenic and pre-arranged to drape.


The use of viscose

There are many spheres where this material is used. Thus, viscose is the material for sewing clothing for men and women, for example, turtlenecks, shirts, short-sleeved shirts and dresses. Also, the material is used to produce household items: washcloths, cellophane, absorbent fabrics. In addition, this fabric is used for sewing various textiles, like, linens, curtains and tablecloths. Automobile tires, distinguished by increased reliability, are made of viscose.

Viscose care

Italian viscose is a pretty capricious fabric; therefore, it requires careful care. Otherwise, you risk getting a thing with a lot of spools.

It is not recommended to expose viscose products to machine washing and wringing. Do not use aggressive detergents. To avoid the formation of stains from splashes and steam streams, we recommend you avoid ironing at high temperatures with the use of a steamer.

As for the maintenance conditions, we can recommend hand washing or delicate washing in the washing machine with the use of a mild detergent. The best thing is to follow the directions on the label that is always sewn on the product.

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