Italian Linen

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Linen is one of the oldest materials known to mankind. Despite the widespread use of cheap cotton and synthetic fibers, materials of natural origin have not lost their uniqueness.

One of the most popular types of linen is the Italian linen, which you can buy in our online store.

A bit of history

The flax properties were well known by people from the Neolithic period - as evidenced by the samples of linen fabrics, found during the excavations of ancient settlements in Switzerland. In addition, flax samples were found at the burial sites of Egyptian pharaohs.

The wide distribution of linen fabric is confirmed by wall paintings in Egypt, frescoes and paintings of vases in Ancient Greece. Thanks to them, it is possible to reproduce the stages of obtaining this material - flax was pulled, dried, then crushed. Then the flax was hackled, dressed and spun. The yarn was carried out manually using a spindle, which was suspended on a string.

In Russia, flax was treated with special respect, because it was a symbol of purity and integrity. According to legend, linen fabric had a beneficial effect on the human body, as well as purifying properties.

Linen properties

Italian flax has a number of features. These are the following:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Increased thermal conductivity
  • Strength and durability
  • Breathability
  • Absence of electric accumulation

The main distinguishing feature of linen fabric is the production of completely natural raw materials. The material has exceptional hygienic properties, it can repel heat or moisture. The evidence shows that the body of a person wearing linen clothes has a temperature 3-4 degrees lower than in synthetic clothing.

Furthermore, flax has healing properties. Considered a natural antiseptic, this tissue prevents the development of parasitic and fungal diseases, since it is an unfavorable environment for parasites’ propagation. Linen can block the development of different infections. The wounds covered with a linen fabric heal faster. Thanks to the high content of silica, the fabric prevents the growth of bacteria.

In addition, the Italian linen has found wide application in surgery as a suture material, since it is not rejected by the human body, completely dissolving in it.

Linen care

Linen is easy to care. Thus, white and uncolored linen clothes are washed at a temperature of 90 degrees. Furthermore, after washing the clothes can be boiled. Colored products are erased at a temperature that is not more than 40 degrees. When using vat dyes, it is possible to wash clothes at high temperatures.

Furthermore, during washing it is advisable to use a delicate mode with the use of special detergents. We do not recommend the use of bleaches and detergents that contain chlorine, because this substance accelerates the destruction of the fibers.

As for drying, linen fabrics are better dried in the straightened form, preferably in the open air. This is due to the predisposition of the material to the formation of the folds. To avoid this, it is necessary to iron clothes after drying.

The linen fabric products are ironed slightly damp, putting under a wet gauze. This favors a quick ironing. The ironing temperature must not exceed 200 degrees.

The simplest thing is to follow the directions of the label sewn on the product. Thus, the clothes will serve you for many years.

Italian Linen

Where can I buy Italian linen?

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