Italian Jacquard

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One of the oldest weaving monuments are handmade tapestries. The technique of their creation has been known since ancient times. Today, jacquard has become a similar variation, and it is the fabric, on which the tapestry ornaments are reproduced in an industrial way.

One of the most widely used species is the Italian jacquard, which you can buy on our website at the best possible price.

The Jacquard history

The first loom, which produced a dense fabric that had a patterned weave of fibers, was created by the Lyons weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard. Its peculiarity consisted in changing the position of the threads in the loom by using cardboard cards with holes. The use of such cards, the number of which could reach up to a thousand, made it possible to specify a pattern that was visible on both the front side and the wrong side of the product.

For this innovation, Jacquard was rewarded by the Emperor, a monument was also dedicated to him. The invention of the machine caused a massive lack of work among the weavers of Lyon, which was the result of their uprising.

Today, the principle of the production of Italian jacquard has remained almost the same, but the cardboard papers have been replaced by computer programs.

Features of Italian jacquard

One of the main advantages is the maximum density of threads per unit area of material. Proceeding from this, jacquard fabric has the following features, which include:

  • High density and strength
  • Durability
  • Simple care
  • Presentable appearance

The total weight of the material depends on the thickness of the yarns from which the ornament is formed, as well as the number of their shades. Usually, the number of wires forming an ornament is ten, but with the formation of nuances, the quantity can reach hundreds of threads.

From the thin Italian jacquard clothes, curtains, table linen and bed linen are sewn. Fabric is easy to wash and iron. Close jacquard is used in the manufacture of covers, bedspreads, and furniture upholstery. Furniture jacquard is processed by a number of special substances that prevent contamination and water absorption. Jacquard curtains, made using the dim-out technology, are characterized by a special light tightness. This effect is achieved with an additional layer created with decorative fibers that are used in a braid.

Jacquard material

The first jacquard fabrics were made from cotton, linen, wool or silk. Today, despite the presence of these fabrics, synthetic fabrics are often used. These patterns can have an ornament created with thermal printing, which makes them cheaper.

In addition, to facilitate maintenance, improve elasticity and breathability, in the composition of jacquard spandex or lycra are added.

How to keep the ornament?

The preservation of the beauty and brightness of the Italian jacquard ornament is a fairly responsible process. The best option would be to provide products to dry cleaning professionals. But if you have products that are not too expensive, you can perform fabric maintenance yourself. It is necessary to consider the following aspects. So, color material is not recommended to be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures. Furthermore, it is forbidden to fold them when drying jacquard products. For the manual cleaning of stains, it is not advisable to use force, otherwise you risk damaging the structure of the ornament. You need to iron jacquard products from the wrong side.

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