Italian gabardine

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If you give importance to the duration of use and style while choosing clothes, then the Italian gabardine is suitable for you. Invented more than a century ago by the English tailor Thomas Burberry, this fabric has remained relevant and required for more than a hundred years. Gabardine is a fabric that has been truly verified by time.

The story behind

The gabardine, which you can buy in our online store, was created in England in the late nineteenth century. At that time in the days with a bad weather the heavy raincoats called "mackintosh" were very popular. When fabricated, they were impregnated with rubber, which had a significant flaw - the material was completely air-tight.

Everything changed, when in 1880 the artisan Thomas Burberry invented a fabric that, without getting wet, was "breathable". He called it "gabardine", named after an ancient dressing of beggars and travelers, which protected them from storms.

This material was very popular, gabardine was the main fabric for sewing both everyday clothes and clothing for research expeditions. Gabardine became in demand in the army, the air force and the navy.

Composition and properties

The basis of the Italian gabardine is the sheep wool called "merino". Over time the composition began to include other fibers, for example, cotton fibers or synthetic fibers. This greatly expanded the application of this material.

Today there are several varieties of gabardine, which you can buy inexpensively in our store. These include:

  • Woolen - the material is represented exclusively by wool with different density. The coarser yarn gives the coarsest, but at the same time, the warmest fabric. It is used for demi-season men's and women's coats, trench coats and jackets.
  • Half-woolen - wool with the addition of viscose, linen or polyester. The proportion of third-party fabrics depends on the manufacturer. Fibers are intertwined with complex twill, which form a pure wool gabardine with a thin "rib" on the front side. The sphere of use is the tailoring of men's and women's office clothes.
  • Plastered gabardine is treated with water-repellent impregnation. It is a cheaper solution, which has lower resistance characteristics. It is an excellent material for the tailoring of waterproof coats and tablecloths.
  • Cotton gabardine is a combination with cotton, the fibers of which are intertwined with the original material by diagonal weaving. This kind of gabardine is light and durable. It is used for sewing blouses, skirts, pants, shirts, as well as sterile medical clothing.

In addition, there are silk, synthetic, stretch and mixed Italian gabardine, a variety of which you can buy on our website.

It is also important that the more gabardine is made up of synthetic fibers, the stronger gloss has this tissue. The fabric of natural raw material has a matte shade.

Features of Italian gabardine

Italian gabardine has several features, among which are the following:

  • The softness and beauty of the drapery, which is especially evident with oblique cutting
  • Lightness and softness of the fabric, despite the high density
  • No deformation during washing, good form retention
  • Good air transmission
  • Wear resistance
  • Simple to use: easy to iron, stains are eliminated very fast
  • Resistant to wetting, which is achieved due to the tightness of the twisting of the threads
Where can I buy Italian gabardine?

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