Italian crepe

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"Crepe" means a set of fabrics that differ in their weaving and composition. Their difference lies in the granularity of the structure and the roughness to the touch. Thanks to the strength and elasticity of the fabric, crepe products can be used over a long period of time.

What is Crepe fabric?

The Italian crepe, which you can buy inexpensively in our store, is made of many materials. These include silk, cotton, wool and synthetic fibers. High-quality crepe has the following set of qualities:

  • High strength - in most cases, the Italian crepe has a structure consisting of diagonally crossed yarns twisted in a very dense way. The direction of twisting is always the opposite. The relief of the fabric is given by the partial untwisting of the yarns. Both technologies guarantee the product a high strength and durability
  • Bright lasting color – the paint does not fade for many years due to the use of quality yarns
  • Lightness and air transmission – despite the density, the Italian crepe is one of the most pleasant to the touch and soft tissues. This material can be used in sewing of summer clothing, for example, blouses, sundresses or flying dresses

In addition, crepe fabrics do not require frequent smoothing, and they are well draped.

Types of Italian crepe

Crepe fabrics are very different in their composition. Thus, they include:

  • Woolen crepe - here you can include such species as Crepon, Damascus, Crepe-Georgette. Thanks to high density, this type of crepe is ideal for tailoring overcoats. Synthetic fibers are also added to the woolen crepe, that is indicated in the composition
  • Crepe-satin is considered especially pleasant to the touch. Often, natural or viscose silk is used in its production. Crepe-satin has a unique property of repelling dust, while being a "breathable" fabric that has a silky shine. Fabric is considered quite difficult when sewing, therefore, very thin threads and needles are used.
  • Crepe-stretch - the composition of this fabric includes a combination of viscose with synthetic fabrics. Despite its density, it is a very beautiful tissue. As can be understood from the title, it is distinguished by increased elasticity. Compared with other types of crepe fabrics, crepe-stretch is one of the most accessible materials.
  • Crepe-chiffon is a rather expensive kind of crepe made solely from natural silk. Crepe-chiffon requires a careful care.
  • Crepe-jacquard differs from other types of Italian crepe with a pronounced pattern. Only natural and synthetic threads are used in production.
  • Crepe-diving is one of the new types of crepe fabrics. It is characterized by ecological purity with minimum synthetics.
  • Crepe de chine is characterized by a lack of elasticity in favor of preventing the loss of shape and stretching of products. Only natural ingredients are used in production. The material has a diverse range of colors, which can be supplemented with printed patterns and is used for sewing bed linen.

Features of Italian crepe

Like any other kind of fabric, crepe fabrics have their own characteristics. These include exceptional strength and representative appearance. In addition, the advantages include the durability of crepe products, as well as a wide range of different crepe fabrics.

Where can I buy crepe fabrics?

Check out the wide range of Italian crepe offers, looking at the page of our online store. You can easily choose the right fabric, and the pricing policy will pleasantly surprise you.