Italian Cotton

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Cotton has a rather long history, being one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Products from this fabric are distinguished by their comfort and practicality.

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From the history

Cotton is considered one of the oldest fibers produced by humans. The first mentions of this material are dated 12000 years ago. They were found in ancient Egypt. The first found products made of cotton were made 5000 years ago.

For household purposes, cotton was first grown in Ancient India. It was believed that the pillows of the gods were stuffed with cotton. The sleep on them promotes peace and pacification.

Europeans began to know cotton around 350 BC. The first country of cotton appearance was Greece. Then, cotton spread on the territory of Spain and Italy.

In our region, the first mention of cotton fabric dates to the fifteenth century. Until the nineteenth century, cotton production was not widely used. But, with the development of industry, the production of material increased at times. At the same time, cotton became world famous.

Properties of cotton fabric

Italian cotton has a form of short, fluffy, soft and slightly twisted fibers. This fabric is quite strong, chemically resistant, capable of not being destroyed by the action of water and solar radiation. This material is sufficiently thermally stable, withstanding temperatures up to 130-140 degrees, and has a high hygroscopicity. In addition, this tissue is light, air-permeable, and can be easily colored.

The disadvantages of cotton include its low resistance to abrasion, due to which the cotton products dry slowly. Furthermore, the cotton fabric is quite crumpled. Under the action of direct sunlight, the fabric can acquire a yellow color.

The cotton properties are largely determined by the added additives. In the fabric is often added viscose, linen, polyester. To increase the resistance, reduce the formation of folds, and make the fabric more beautiful, synthetic yarns are added to the composition. In addition, the fabric is characterized by different types of interlacing. These include satin, linen, twill, small-speckled interlacing.

Application of cotton

Cotton fabric has found wide application in many industries. This tissue is used for sewing tableware, bed linen, as well as underwear. In addition, it is used for sewing sundresses, skirts, blouses, suits, raincoats and coats.

Also, cotton can be used as a fabric for furniture, for sewing curtains and drapes.

Cotton care

Requirements for the care of Italian cotton depends on the type of treatment. Thus, washing of white and colored monochrome products is carried out at a temperature of no higher than 95 degrees, color clothes - at 60 degrees. Material can be washed in the washer.

The white cotton can be washed with any detergent, instead the colored cotton must be washed only with delicate detergents without whitening effect.

We recommend drying the cotton clothes in a slightly damp form. For ironing, it is better to use the "wool" mode, this regime is the best solution for easy maintenance products. In other cases, it is rational to apply the "cotton / linen" regime with the addition of steam or in damp form.

Where can I buy Italian cotton?

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