Intricacies of fabric purchases in Italy

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4 December 2018 776 Views

The Italian textile industry is famous not only for its size, but also for its high quality. For many years, many people have traveled to Italy not only for the holidays, but also to buy the most exclusive fabrics.

People in this industry know the places where rare fabrics can be found at an affordable cost. There are many purchase options, in this article we will try to find out all the particularities so that you can choose the best Italian fabrics without spending too much money and strength.

Travel or not?

It is a known fact that in Italy it is possible to buy fabrics of the best quality. That's why many years ago the owners of the ateliers or textile stores went to Italy to make sure that these fabrics deserved what they said about them. These journeys presented many difficulties since the delivery process was very complicated. However, the quality of Italian fabrics was the best in the world, so many people risked getting the best. If you think about going to Italy to buy fabrics, then you should be aware of the following difficulties you may encounter.

You can buy fabrics both in factories, negotiating with owners, or in wholesale stores. Fortunately, in Italy there are many distribution centers of the most exclusive fabrics. However, collaboration with the factories takes a long time, and the owners are interested in long-term collaboration. If now you have no chance to make big purchases, then you should choose the wholesale stores.

What can you find in the wholesale stores of fabric?

Do not confuse the name of these places with secondhand shops in Russia. In Italian wholesale stores, you can buy excellent materials, which allow you to create fashionable looks. Fabrics that have not been sold in factories are subsequently sold to wholesales. However, you can also find samples from the latest collections at the wholesale stores, as many manufacturers often update their product range.

But many wholesale stores have restrictions on the purchase of fabrics. For example, you can buy only a limited amount of fabrics. That is, if you want to make large purchases at wholesale, you will have to visit different stores to find what you need.

Another problem with wholesalers is the impossibility of buying the same fabrics for the second time. The wholesalers do not choose the assortment, but expose everything that comes from the factories. So, if you liked a material, in the future you'll have to look for it somewhere else.

Rarely, you can find defective materials in Italian wholesale stores. To avoid this risk, you must carefully inspect all rolls to make sure you pay for quality products.

So, our conclusions:

  • Purchasing fabrics directly from factories will be more expensive. In particular, you have to wait before the fabric will be fabricated. To establish a business relationship with the factories, it is necessary to know Italian.
  • To buy wholesale fabrics, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, visiting different stores all over Italy.
  • The most important point: you need to find a proven and reliable representation, which supplies its range of fabrics from the best factories.

How to avoid these difficulties?

If you want to buy fabrics without problems, at an affordable price, then the ideal solution is the online fabric store We constantly update the store range so that every customer can find what he is looking for. Sometimes there may be new updates even after two days, so you have many opportunities to buy something exclusive.

With the online store purchases become convenient and fast. You will not have to spend a lot of time visiting wholesale stores, you can stay at home and pick the best Italian fabrics, while you're drinking coffee. All the materials in the catalog are already divided into categories, so it is not necessary to waste a lot of time to find the necessary fabric.

All products have the documents and quality certificates of the producers. You will be sure that your purchase meets all European quality standards.

The ideal balance between cost and quality of real Italian materials 

In terms of the cost of purchases, all those who are focused on a long-term business relationship will be satisfied with our price offers. On the website of the online store you can buy fabrics at a price that will not be higher than in Italy.

You will make the right choice and learn as much as possible on the fabrics with the help of our consultants who are always in touch and are ready to become your personal guides in the fashion world.

Once you are convinced of the high quality of real Italian fabrics, you will not want to use other materials in your work. In Italian fabrics, everything is absolutely perfect: from appearance to the ability to withstand environmental factors. You will see for yourself when you receive your order. Fabrics look flawless, clothes do not lose shape, do not change size and adapt perfectly to the body.

We also provide retail shopping opportunities to help young designers, and give everyone the chance to learn more about Italian fabrics. We will be happy to cooperate under wholesale conditions, which are not limited to any conditions.

Italian fabrics, even those sold in the wholesale stores, do not go out of fashion for a long time, because the refined style and the high quality of the products are appreciated all over the world. With us you will be able to verify it in person, buying real Italian fabrics at the best price without need to travel abroad.