What can you make with silk?

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By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 690 Views

Natural silk is a universal material, though not quite cheap. Due to the variety of its types, it is used for the production of both clothing and interior items. Working with silk is not an easy task, but if you take into account all the tricks and nuances, you can get a real piece of art.

Silk clothes

Clothes made of silk are very comfortable to wear. It possesses hygroscopicity feature, let the air pass through the fibers, there is no risk of dust mites, and you will feel comfortable in silk clothes in both hot and cold weather.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that silk clothes help to make a good impression. It is easy to apply dye on silk, which brings the variety of prints and colors. Also, silk clothes don’t wrinkle, so any piece will look neat all day.

You can sew the following clothes:

• Dresses;

• Skirts;

• Blouses;

• Shirts;

• Summer trousers;

• Men and women ties;

• Scarves and shawls;

• Bandanas;

• Lightweight summer coats. 

House wear and underwear made of silk represent such ideas as high status, self-love and desire for comfort. In such products, the main material is combined with guipure, embroidery and lace. Clothes are very comfortable, nice to wear, pleasant to the touch and able to emphasize the dignity of the figure.


Natural material that can be both cooling and warming is widely used for the production of eco-friendly bed linen. It will provide a healthy sleep, as it gives a pleasant sensation. It is ideal for people suffering from allergies.

An important quality is bactericidal properties: dust mites and other parasites do not appear in silk fabric. Protein fibroin is frequently used in the production of silk bed linen, which slows down the aging of the material. In addition, sleep on such linen has a beneficial effect on immune system and increases hemoglobin levels, improving blood composition and the general resistance of the body to viral and bacterial infections.

Medical experts recommend the use of silk linen for children. It does not cause allergies and irritation on the skin, perceives body temperature and thereby creates comfortable conditions for a baby to fall asleep. It is recommended to use only unpainted fabrics, if we are talking about baby bed linen.

Home decor

One of the main interior trends of recent years is keeping things environmentally friendly. Natural materials that are not harmful to health are used in modern designs. Silk fits perfectly into this eco-idea.

Depending on the type of silk, it can be used to decorate the following things:

• Wallpapers or drapery decoration;

• Creation of wall panels and stained-glass windows covers for pillows, lampshades and other decorative textiles;

• Window decoration with satin, organza and other silk materials. Silk window blinds are currently very popular;

• Curtains or Japanese panels in the decoration of doorways;

• Furniture upholstery. It is important to remember that the fabric is fading with daily use, so it is better to use it for decorative objects.

The use of silk in the interior decoration is not only an aesthetic solution, but also a practical one. Despite the gentle appearance, it is a strong and flexible fabric that is difficult to tear out. It easily absorbs moisture and dries quickly without losing shape. It is worth trying to change the interior with the help of silk details and your home will immediately sparkle with new colors!