Fall/Winter Print Trends

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By Tessuti dell'Arte 24 February 2020 703 Views

Plain piece of clothes is appropriate for any occasion, whether it is a business meeting, or a romantic date. However, the character of the woman and her views on the world are best reflected in clothes she is wearing. Especially with prints that help to be eye-catchy and to make a good impression. There are a lot of variations of patterns and current trends vary from season to season. Here we will talk about the prints which will be fashionable in the fall and winter.

Classic: Polka Dots and Check

Classics are called classics because they never go out of style and allow to experiment. One of the classic prints, which is once again popular, is the feminine polka dots. It can be of any color and size. It is better used in the combination of colors and exotic patterns. It is surely suitable for evening dresses. For example, neon dots on a black background.

Another classic trend is check. Today it is trendy to wear multicolor scottish check, contrasting vichy check, strict glencheck on a gray background. Check pattern allows you to create almost any look, for example a strict office one, or grunge, or outdoor.


You will not surprise anyone with inscription on T-shirts and baseball caps. But designers go further and suggest applying them on skirts and dresses. Pop art is one of the trends of Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino collections, and it seems that they combine totally opposite things: for example, T-shirts with inscriptions and long satin skirts with embroidery.

Various sayings, slogans, iconic logos and brand symbols are up-to-date. Fem-theme is very relevant, so girls who share their ideas should definitely buy similar models. It is interesting that fashion trends recommend combining such prints with very delicate and feminine things.

Abstract and illusion

Abstract patterns are truly universal, because they, depending on the color and features of the lines, can be used for any look. In the upcoming season there will be a trend on drawings in the form of strokes of paint, geometric patterns and motifs of avant-garde artists. Another similar trend is optical illusions on tissues in trance and psychedelics styles.

At the same time, it is important that the image is not overloaded: for example, if you have a dress with such pattern, it is better to choose plain shoes and accessories. We recommend you to pay attention to lightweight fabrics on which optical illusions look most advantageous.

Astronomy and Geography

Gucci has proposed astronomical prints with stars and celestial objects for the new season. They may seem psychedelic, but at the same time give an impression of mystery, causing a desire to "reach for the stars". Similar colors are surely suitable for romantics and dreamers. Well, for travel enthusiasts, designers offer geographical prints. Pictures of maps, or symbols on the clothes, familiar to everyone from Geography lessons. Such drawings are evidence of the restless and active nature, which is constantly in motion.

Photo print

Photo print is believed to be a fashion discovery of the season. Of course, photos will not be appropriate on every piece of clothing. For example, evening dresses with photos may seem somewhat ridiculous. But everyday models in sport-chic style may well be decorated with such a non-standard and even slightly defiant print. Photos can vary. They can be black and white, or colorful, both with portrait images and landscape. One of the pleasant benefits of this trend is that you can order such prints yourself, and these can be not only real photos, but also, for example, ironic pictures.

Printed pattern

Animal and floral embossed prints in the form of applications and embroidery are very fashionable these days. Martin Margiela offers animal drawings as applications in the new collection. Clothes including such print can very well be used as evening outfit, especially in combination with the corresponding accessories. Well, floral motifs are classic and are presented in every season. In fall and winter, designers advise to give preference to printed colors and fabrics in the Spanish style. For example, large drawings on a contrasting background. For dates and parties you can use country materials with a romantic scattering of small flowers.