Trendy fabrics and novelties in Spring-Summer 2020 collections

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28 October 2019 343 Views

The main trends of the upcoming season are, on the one hand, practical and comfortable clothes, and on the other hand, feminine and gentle outfit. The most popular fabrics that designers choose for their collections and which can be purchased in our shop are the absolute match for the today’s trends. During fashion catwalks you will see only those materials which bring charm and delicacy to the model.

Trendy fabrics Spring-Summer 2020

Dyed leather may seem rather extravagant experiment, but exactly this fabric will make the image impossible to forget. Trendy things are painted in a variety of color tones, so you should at least from time to time put aside usual black, gray and brown and plunge into all the shades of the rainbow.

Cotton and tulle. Today’s fashion trend is to wear traditional “ceremonial” dresses, as they are light-weighted and delicate, reminding traditional Scandinavian clothes. The combination of fabrics can vary; the most important thing is that they should be light, shimmering and not heavy.

Transparent fabrics, such as satin lace and chiffon. Translucent fabric always brings mystery to the outfit, giving the sensation of weightlessness. Chiffon inserts are currently popular. They can be of bright colors, as well as pastel. Such clothes can be both casual and official.

Gabardine is used for tailoring suits, skirts and trousers. Thin woolen fabric can be of classy calm tones, as well as bright colors, including floral and checkered prints. This fabric is not only elegant, but also very practical, as it retains its shape perfectly.

Denim is always trending, and this season is not an exception. It looks the most fashionable in dark blue. It is a universal fabric which perfectly combines with any color. However, denim clothes are pretty good for mixing up classic outfit combinations with burgundy, green, white and scarlet pieces.

Lustrous fabrics once again appeared on the catwalks. Metal accents and shimmering effect are used not only for evening gowns, but also in everyday clothes. Rhinestones are very welcome if only you know the limits.

Lace is quite dense, which does not reveal the body, but refreshes the outfit and makes it more feminine and flirty. Stylists recommend using lace in pastel colors, though bright inserts are also welcomed.

As for the color tones, neon is trendy again, despite its twenty years absence in fashion life. Today the most popular color is fuchsia, a bright purple-pink shade, which can seem dazzling as well. The next important color is lavender, which is recommended to be worn in combination with pastel colors or, unexpectedly, with black or white. And the final trendy color is turmeric, a warm and at the same time quite provocative yellow shade.

We follow the latest trends and constantly update the assortment of our online shop in order to stay in fashion. We invite you to order the most interesting, fashionable and high-quality Italian fabrics.